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Goodbye, February!

14 minute read

One thing I just realized is that February is almost on its last legs now. All it takes is a giant sweeping, felling blow from a broadax, and “Thar she blows...

Broken Knee

23 minute read

Putting this into words a day or two too late, but still better late than never, as they say.

How I’ve Been…

15 minute read

Everyone I’ve ever known, or who has known me — actually, no one at all — asks me how I’ve been doing.

One Mile Run: My Experience

34 minute read

Long story short, I achieved a personal goal to run under a five-minute mile on the treadmill, twice in a day – and nearly destroyed my legs in the process.

New Year, New Blog Theme

21 minute read

So — new year, new me. And hey, new blog theme too. Well, how about that.

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Graduation Week in Atlanta

21 minute read

I’m on the long road headed back from Atlanta, Georgia.

New Year, New Hopes …

9 minute read

Tonights marks the 5th of February of a Brand New Year – 2023.

2022: Year in Retrospect

10 minute read

This year, or rather, the past year – 2022 – was a truly amazing one in more than one respect.

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My First Time at AWS re:Invent

24 minute read

It was my first ever time at AWS re:Invent this year – 2022 – attending in-person at Las Vegas.

This Veterans Day Was Sick..

25 minute read

So, today’s been a rather odd day. And, I mean the strange kind of odd - not nearing the level of Stranger Things, but certainly working its way there.

It’s Finally Here!

1 minute read

Hooray 🎉! At long last, I’ve managed to publish my first personal website, after delaying it for many years up until this point. This has certainly been a lo...

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