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Hi there 👋 . Just a little about me: I am Ritvik, a Software Developer based off the East Coast. I like working on cool and interesting projects, and enjoy building automations and tools with Python and Rust, among others.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s in Computer Science at GMU. I also have an interest in learning front-end web technologies, especially prevalent JS frameworks such as React.

Rather than dive into anything else really about me, I’ll just refer you to my other online presences:

Software Dev & Autom. Engineer. CS Grad Student @ George Mason. Love to run, read, cook, write, & game!

Note: I’m kind of old school, even despite being a rather young guy. I’m planning on signing up for social sites like Instagram, but I’ve left that on the back-burner for now, as I’ve other things to contend with, that tend to eat up too much of my time in general. But I promise, I’ll get around to signing up for them eventually.

Also, I should probably pin my reading list here, while I’m at it. I rarely get any time to read anymore, but that’s one of my enduring passions and interests, ever since I was a young lad still in my prepubescent years.