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On Travel

33 minute read

As the month of May winds down, I want to spend a bit of time to reflect on the trips I’ve taken this month. The month (of May) has been a jam-packed one, ma...

On My First Race and Running

17 minute read

This month, on Sunday, April 21st, I participated in my first half marathon race.

Victories in March

20 minute read

On a lonely weekend in the latter end of March 2024, with nothing better to do, I sat down and watched the Super Smash Bros movie on a streaming service — it...


18 minute read

I realized I forgot to add a post last February. Just been totally swamped with work, study, and school. I injured my knee, and I felt I should talk about it.

Goodbye, February!

14 minute read

One thing I just realized is that February is almost on its last legs now. All it takes is a giant sweeping, felling blow from a broadax, and “Thar she blows...