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On Travel

33 minute read

As the month of May winds down, I want to spend a bit of time to reflect on the trips I’ve taken this month. The month (of May) has been a jam-packed one, ma...

On My First Race and Running

17 minute read

This month, on Sunday, April 21st, I participated in my first half marathon race.

Victories in March

20 minute read

On a lonely weekend in the latter end of March 2024, with nothing better to do, I sat down and watched the Super Smash Bros movie on a streaming service — it...


18 minute read

I realized I forgot to add a post last February. Just been totally swamped with work, study, and school. I injured my knee, and I felt I should talk about it.

Goodbye, February!

14 minute read

One thing I just realized is that February is almost on its last legs now. All it takes is a giant sweeping, felling blow from a broadax, and “Thar she blows...

Broken Knee

23 minute read

Putting this into words a day or two too late, but still better late than never, as they say.

How I’ve Been…

15 minute read

Everyone I’ve ever known, or who has known me — actually, no one at all — asks me how I’ve been doing.

One Mile Run: My Experience

34 minute read

Long story short, I achieved a personal goal to run under a five-minute mile on the treadmill, twice in a day – and nearly destroyed my legs in the process.

New Year, New Blog Theme

21 minute read

So — new year, new me. And hey, new blog theme too. Well, how about that.

Graduation Week in Atlanta

21 minute read

I’m on the long road headed back from Atlanta, Georgia.

New Year, New Hopes …

9 minute read

Tonights marks the 5th of February of a Brand New Year – 2023.

2022: Year in Retrospect

10 minute read

This year, or rather, the past year – 2022 – was a truly amazing one in more than one respect.

My First Time at AWS re:Invent

24 minute read

It was my first ever time at AWS re:Invent this year – 2022 – attending in-person at Las Vegas.

This Veterans Day Was Sick..

25 minute read

So, today’s been a rather odd day. And, I mean the strange kind of odd - not nearing the level of Stranger Things, but certainly working its way there.

It’s Finally Here!

1 minute read

Hooray 🎉! At long last, I’ve managed to publish my first personal website, after delaying it for many years up until this point. This has certainly been a lo...

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