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Hooray 🎉! At long last, I’ve managed to publish my first personal website, after delaying it for many years up until this point. This has certainly been a long time in the making, and I’m glad I was able to find the time in my hectic schedule to put all this together.

So as far as first impressions go, I’m currently loving this site, though I wish there were a few improvements and changes I could make. Ideally, I would like to turn this website less into a blog and more into a portfolio page. In particular, on the home page of this site, I would like to list my name in bold letters, and underpinning it, add in sufficiently large icons to my social links (LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.)

I’d still like to retain my blog, just for book-keeping purposes and for memento’s sake. Following that vein of thought, perhaps it makes sense to have a few menu options, such as ‘About’, ‘Blog’, as well as a ‘Contact’ option in case people want to directly reach out to me. One last thing, I’d like to set this website up for professional reasons, so I’d like a way to display my current Resume on this site as well – or maybe just drop a link to it if it makes more sense.

Of course, displaying resumes on personal websites is inevitably bound to be a little tricky - I’d have to white out or hide my cell phone number on the resume, and potentially gate my resume behind a reCAPTCHA barrier, primarily devised as a verification step to confirm that the end-user is not actually a bot trying to scrape data on my website for personal gain or for malicious intent or unknown purposes.

However, for starters, this works well enough for my use case. Re-designing this page to turn it into a portfolio site, and making the blogs more of a “second-class” citizen, is certainly something that is on the forefront of my mind. However, for now, as they are fond of saying:

“That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”

In the meantime, that’ll do just fine indeed 😃.

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